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SpainCard: Terms and Conditions

SpainCard is currently not available!

The many changes in the tourism industry during the past years have forced us to completely rethink our project, and we are working on presenting you a new and still better SpainCard within some time.

Our current customers can still browse our website and the discounts available. Please note however that all information is provided as for 2006. Rates may have changed and certain discounts may not be available any more. Please contact the establishments directly to confirm rates and conditions.

1) Limitations of use:
SpainCard is limited to personal use. A valid SpainCard entitles the card holder and, in the card holder's presence, his/her husband, wive, or companion, and his/her children up to an age of 18 years to receive the discounts agreed on with the affiliated establishments. Some services may be limited to a maximum number of persons by the affiliated companies.

2) Information on Discounts and Establishments:
All information on SpainCard discounts provided by this web site is accurate as we have contracted them with the affiliated establishments. We shall not be liable in case of errors.

Discounts and conditions may change without prior notice. Discount percentages may be approximate in those cases where we have contracted a fix rate for SpainCard owners with the establishment (this is indicated where applicable).

In all cases SpainCard discounts are subject to availability. Some companies require previous reservation requesting SpainCard discounts (this is indicated where applicable). Discounts may not be available during fairs, local celebrations and similar events, please check with the establishment in case of doubt. SpainCard discounts may not be applied on already discounted rates (i.e. through other discount programs) or special offers.

All information on the affiliated establishments except SpainCard discounts is as provided by those establishments. We shall not be responsible for this information to be accurate or correct.

We do our best to keep all information current, however we do not assume responsiblity if changes have not been communicated to us timely by the establishment.

The prices published on this web site include all legal taxes (except otherwise stated).

The hotel rates listed are per room and night (not per person). Discounts at hotels are applicable to room rates only (except otherwise stated), not to additional services the hotel may provide.

3) Contracting Parties:
The use of SpainCard causes a contract between the card holder and the affiliated establishment. We are not responsible for any acts or omissions of either party.

4) Shipping and Risk of Loss:
All orders are made pursuant to a shipment contract. The risk of loss passes to the client upon our delivery to the carrier. (This of course does not exclude the responsibility of the carrier against the client). We are not responsible for SpainCard to be shipped at any given date (Please see our normal shipping times). In case of proved unusual delay in shipping which is not caused by a wrong or incomplete shipping address provided by the customer, the unused card may be returned for a full refund. (In this case, please do not open the envelope and contact Customer Service.)

5) Responsibility:
Our responsibility is limited to the price of the card.

6) Applicable Law:
SpainCard is a product of Internet Red 2000, S.L., Seville, Spain. As such, the laws of Spain will govern these disclaimers, terms, and conditions. Court of Law shall be Seville, Spain.

Should any of these terms and conditions be void, all others shall remain effective.

Note: These terms and conditions have been translated from Spanish. In case of any differences in meaning, the Spanish wording shall be binding.

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