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Help with Reservations

When making reservations at our discounted rates, please follow these easy step by step instructions to make sure you will get the best out of your SpainCard:
  • Look up the establishment you wish to reserve in our directory of affiliated companies. To display details on any of the establishments from the listing, click on "Detailed Information" or just on the establishment's name.

  • Please be sure to read the entire paragraph "SpainCard Discounts" to learn about eventual special conditions or restrictions for a particular establishment.

  • Always contact our partner companies at the phone / fax numbers or email addresses we provide on our page. Like this you assure that you are talking to the responsible people at this company and avoid possible confusion.

  • Some companies require a SpainCard discount number. You have received a listing of these companies and the discount numbers together with your SpainCard. Please be sure to have the appropriate discount number at hand when contracting with one of these companies.

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