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Baló Tour - Balloon flights

Carrer Bisbe Morgades, 49
Vic (Barcelona)
Tel.: +34 93 8894443 - Fax: +34 93 8894311
Contact, Reservations
Region: Catalunya
Country: Spain
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Passenger flights in hot air balloons for individuals and groups over areas of Catalonia. It is an active excursion where the clients actively participate in inflating and packing the balloon, and in flight planning. It lasts a whole morning, beginning in the early morning (from 7.00a.m. in summer and from 9.00a.m. in winter). It consists of a flight of more than an hour, followed by a typical lunch in one of the farmhouses which are characteristic of the area. Finally, passengers receive a Diploma, signed by the pilot, certifying their participation in the flight.

Ballons Characteristics, depending on the model:
- Balloon capacity: 2300 - 6000 m3
- Basket capacity: 3 - 12 people (including the pilot).
- Flight range: 2 -2 1/2 h. full charged.
- On board tools: Altimeter, Variometer, GPS, Radio FM 2 metres, Aerial Radio band, mobile.
- Usual assistance vehicles: Toyota Land Cruiser o Land Rover 4x4

We specialise in passenger flights, which we have organised throughout Catalonia and Spain, as well as in many European countries, and in Asia and Africa.
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